Sunday, July 18, 2010

Life in Quarantine - The Fully Sick Rapper

This guy Christiaan VanVuuren has been quarantined in an Australian hospital for 55 days due to a strain of TB. To pass the time he makes videos.  Awesome stuff.

Karin and I went on our another date tonight.  Second one in the last two years!  Plan was a beer or two and then a movie.  What actually happened was a few beers and then a few more beers; An awesome burger at the new fancy burger place Luxe ( they call themselves a Burger Bar, as if the combination of the two is new and exciting.  A bit pretentious but a really good burger.  I highly recommend the gorgonzola tator-tots as your side.); and a wonderful walk during a full waterfire.  A wonderful evening and we both really needed it.

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